Upcoming Book Release Announcement

Richard Munang
2 min readJan 29, 2024

With boundless enthusiasm and a spirit uplifted with hope, I am proud to announce my upcoming transformative book, “Mindset Change: Winning the War Against Perception and Poverty Through ClimatePreneurship in Africa.”

Pre-order your copy today: [https://www.theregencypublishers.com/product-page/mindset-change-winning-the-war-against-poverty-and-perception-through-climatepr]

This book is far more than a mere collection of words; it is an awakening, a resounding call to action for each of us, transcending race, nationality, or background, to embrace a transformative shift in our perspectives. It’s about recognizing our role as active agents of change in the relentless face of climate challenges.

In the midst of adversity — poverty, hunger, and economic instability — a flame of innovation and hope is kindled. This book bears witness to the relentless spirit of resilience and the brilliance of creativity, compelling us to transcend traditional narratives and to embrace the power of proactive, grassroots-driven change.

Leveraging my extensive over twelve-year odyssey through the realms of climate science, policy, and advocacy, “Mindset Change” shines a spotlight on the often-missed potential within Africa’s vibrant youth and dynamic informal sectors — the real engines of climate action and economic renaissance. This work is a master blueprint for ClimatePreneurship, delineating the profound economic and social advantages of skill development and societal role redefinition. It’s a vibrant ode to African ingenuity, a compass pointing towards the collaborative creation of a sustainable and flourishing future.

I extend a heartfelt invitation to you to pre-order “Mindset Change” from https://www.theregencypublishers.com/product-page/mindset-change-winning-the-war-against-poverty-and-perception-through-climatepr and join this landmark journey of reinvention.

Let’s not just read about change; let’s initiate it, let’s live it.Believe in the transformation, embody the transformation.

With Hope and Anticipation for Our Shared Future.

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